Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Love My Dressing Room

This probably sounds like a crazy post for a new year. But don't we get in a cleaning up-throwing out-creating order sort of mood in a new year? Well, that's what I've done today. I have a wonderful dressing room; it is spacious, well-designed, and a really lovely place--when it is in order. Believe me, it was not very orderly this morning. My suitcase was not unpacked afrom the Tampa trip; the remains of Christmas wrapping were everywhere;clothes were strewn about; and I could hardly get in the door. This dressing room serves as my closet, but it is sort of Grand Central for Kay. It holds bed linens, table linens, wrapping paper and ribbons, old photos and memorabilia, my sewing box, clothes and shoes and hats, my Harley gear, my evening bags, decorating fabrics, Christmas decorations, scarves, gifts in stock, and more than a few keepsakes. Here are some photos:

Well, now it is in better order. Not perfect you understand, but much better. One of the reasons it is better is because I discovered a tip on another blog about hanging ribbon on a pants hangar. I have a big drawer full of ribbons of all sizes and colors, so I was in need of a tip. I found an unused pants hangar, and I put just a few of my ribbons on it. This is what it looks like.

Isn't that clever?