Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long, Dry Spell

Blogwise, I've just been uninspired. We've been busy---traveling, taking care of family, working, keeping up with the young Roneys and the Castros, playing---oh, always playing---and we have such fun. I don't want to write about the sadness--- Mother's decline and the loss of a dear friend too quickly to cancer.

Here's what we've been doing since late September---in pictures and a little prose. Brooks came to visit. At 32 months, he is a little sponge, and he is pretty cute saying the Pledge of Allegiance! We think he will be reading before long.

And sometimes Alexander gets to visit though he has to come all the way from Tampa. He loves the dogs, and he likes to move very fast! At 22 months, he is saying a few words in Portuguese and English.

We like Alexander's mom a lot, too! She is a little uncomfortable these days as we wait for the arrival of Christian in about three weeks.

These are our two lovely, young, pregnant mothers who were forced by their rambunctious little boys to get up way too early!

And then there was our trip to Apalachicola in early October. Six couples + incredible accommodations + a few motorcycles + a river view + great dining + tattoos + lots of laughter = lots and lots of fun.

And then, there was Cashiers, NC in late October. Seven couples, two beautiful homes, more great food, and lots of laid back time made for a great long weekend.

And then it's Halloween and the party bus and the costumes and the street dance---too much fun. Here's the Biker and Brittany Thirty Years Later:

And the chicken and the processor

And Sarah Palin and "I can see Russia from my Backyard"

And the real cool Blues Brothers and Family

And there was Tom's trip to South Dakota

And then the birthday of an old, old, old friend!

Who says we don't have fun!

This sort of catches up fam and friends on our activities--well, the fun stuff anyway. There's plenty of that other---work, responsibilities, chores---but who wants to write about that!


Anonymous said...

Just have to ask a couple of questions? Where is The Pretty
Chicken? Where is the Harley?I
think that the world needs to
see you and Tom on the bike.
Guess who?

Anonymous said...

Tell me those tattoos aren`t real?