Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ten Days of Pleasure

We returned today from ten days in Tampa to help out on the occasion of our third grandson's birth. Christian Thomas Guimaraes Castro debuted on Dec. 11. He is tiny, 6.10, but he is perfect in every way. And, since Mom has more milk than Publix, he is thriving.

Ten days is a long time to visit, but we served as baby sitter for big brother Alexander while his family was in the hospital and housekeeper, cook, chaffeur, nanny, handyman, menu planner,etc. after dad went back to work. We loved helping out, and most of all we loved having such quality time with our daughter.

Her birthday is the day after Christian's, and we were reminded of all the activity when she was born in mid December. A new baby means busy times anyway; add Christmas, and things get hectic. It was our pleasure to help out and to enjoy wonderful times with both her sons.

Pictures? Of course.

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Susan said...

Happy New Year..I am glad to see you back, catch up with things and hope to see more in 2009 !
Congratulations on a most beautiful new addition !