Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Staycation

We didn't really plan a staycation; it just happened. I had a week of leave I needed to take; it's really too hot to go anywhere. Gasoline is still almost $4 per gallon; and we have a nice trip planned later this month. So, we decided to stick around. Here's some of what we did during Staycation:

  1. We hosted and/or attended five dinner parties.

  2. We spent two nights at the Farm.

  3. We spent one night at the Lake.

  4. I spent one morning at the ER with Mother--after a fall. Nothing broken.

  5. We took a day trip to Thomasville, GA.

  6. I planted more rosemary at the Farm.

  7. I read The Poisonwood Bible; Tom read 1776.

  8. We took Mother to the Lake for the night; got her on the boat for a nice ride.

  9. We swam in the pool with Brooks.

  10. I cooked Copper River salmon two more times. It will be out-of-season too soon.

  11. We took a day trip to Montgomery.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

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Cookie Sunshine said...

sounds like good times to me