Saturday, July 26, 2008


Okay, so I am sorta stuck on beets. It's like I have just discovered them. I've always liked pickled beets on salad, but that's really the only way I ate them. One of the reasons I like them is that beautiful color. I can't think of any other food that is such a dark, rich, merlot.

Color in food has always been important to me. I don't know when I learned it, but somehow I have always known that a plate with deep colors of food was a healthy, well-balanced plate. Just think about the foods with deep, rich colors----the green of asparagus, broccoli, beans, leafy vegetables, garden peas, zucchini, limes and kiwi; the orange, yellow, and golds of fruits, squash, sweet potatoes, rutabagas; the purple of eggplant and grapes; and the reds of tomatoes, strawberries, and beets. Then, there are the whites that, while filling, aren't quite so nutritious---white potatoes, rice, white breads, and pastas.

A nutritious plate will be a beautiful plate, full of those dark rick colors.
This is a nutritious plate:

And this:

Beets are a storehouse of good nutrition, and that rich, red color--well, it reminds me that color is a great guide to good nutrition. I'm trying harder to make my plates the most colorful in town! And, I'm looking for new ways to prepare those beets!

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