Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Night with Friends

When we want to try out and tweak new recipes, we like to invite food-lover friends to join us. I enjoy having other opinions and suggestions, and I must admit I enjoy having an appreicative audience, too. This was one of those nights. I've been on a salmon and root vegetable kick. See previous post. Anyway, our friends joined us. They brought a wonderful salad and fresh peaches to go along with my blueberries for dessert..

This was a stay-in-the-kitchen dinner. To get us started, I prepared fresh figs with Maytag blue cheese, and I rolled out my beet fritters with sour cream, capers, and green onions again. Here's how that plate looked.

Then, we tried the Copper River salmon again, and I tweaked it a bit. I made the fresh relish that I pictured in the previous post, and it was wonderful. We also had the rutabaga fritters with sun dried tomatoes. One of my guests does not like rutabagas or beets, but he ate both tonight and raved about them.
The Copper River salmon won't be available long, but we have enjoyed it twice now.

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