Monday, July 7, 2008

I Love Summer Suppers

We never know what's for dinner at our house during the week. Hubby and I are easy to please; we usually have whatever's in the frig or something simple. It might be a pimento cheese sandwich, cheese and fruit, cereal, or sometimes a full meal if the cook is inspired.

We went to the farm after work---well, only one of us works now---and I raided the fig tree while Hubby took care of some chores. When we arrived back home, we remembered that a neighbor had brought some okra by last night. Hmmm, sounds like the beginning of a wonderful summer supper. So, we had a little fried okra, sliced tomatoes, and fresh figs. I also had some Maytag Blue Cheese that is so creamy which we enjoyed with the tomatoes and the figs. A little left-over wine, and Voila! Yummy!

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