Thursday, January 31, 2008

Signing the Book

It's a Southern thing, I think---this signing the book. You know about that, don't you? I had a meeting in a town just up the road today, and Tom said, "While you are there, could you go by the funeral home and sign the book for Blank and Blank"? Sure, I said---so, I stopped by the funeral home and signed two books. The families were not there, but the books were ready, and several had signed ahead of me. And so, on the page headed "Friends", I signed our names.

We have guests coming for the weekend, a big event to host on Saturday, and we did not think we could go to the visitation or funerals. By signing the book, however, we convey to our friends that we are thinking about them and remembering them in our prayers, as indeed we are.

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