Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too Many Fun Things to Do; Too Few Weekends

If you are like me, you check out a blog, and you say, "why in the world don't they update this thing"? Well, refer to title.
Along with several other couples, we hosted a wedding party at the Farm--75 people came for our Pearls and Pork Party. It was a great theme--we provided pearls for all the girls, and each guest brought "Pearls of Wisdom" (advice and tips) for the bride and groom. Some were serious, some funny. Photos above show the bride and groom reading the "Pearls"; some of the guests; and the cute half of the hosts. Many good wishes to Kelli and Jay!
And then---on Sunday, our Columbus children, suffering from cabin fever, met us at the farm. We ate party leftovers, walked in the woods, and generally enjoyed the nice weather.

And then---when we arrived home and unpacked from the weekend, we found the cutest pictures of a birthday boy in Tampa. Alexander will turn one on Thursday, and he had his party on Sunday. I just have to share some of those pics. You'll see Alexander just looking cute; him during his first week at day care with his favorite teacher; with his mom at the Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa; and him with Mom and Dad.

And then---we began planning for another big event this weekend at the Farm, but that's a story for another day. Stay tuned.

So you see--sometimes blogging just has to take the back seat!

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