Wednesday, February 6, 2008

100 + Things About Me

One of the challenges making the rounds of blogs is to write "100 Things About Me", and then to tag someone else to do it. Well, I decided to try. After the first 10 descriptors, I didn't think I would ever make it to 100. But I hung in there and decided to work on it as long as it took. So, developed over parts of three nights---here is my list:

  1. I have curly hair.
  2. I love learning.
  3. Ellen is my middle name—but middle names for girls are worthless.
  4. The American poets---Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson—oh especially Emily Dickinson---speak to me.
  5. I grew up in Texas, but I don’t have big hair.
  6. I don’t like August and September in the South.
  7. In the first grade, I was the bride in a Tom Thumb wedding.
  8. I like to write—and I’m fairly good at it.
  9. I can’t sing a note, but I am a great audience.
  10. I believe Balance is the key to a happy life.
  11. One of my favorite books is East of the Sun by Barbara Bickmore—great story.
  12. In a group, I am usually the leader.
  13. My Myers Briggs type is ENTJ.
  14. I get together annually with five of my high school girlfriends—they are all in Texas.
  15. My father died when I was 17—heart attack.
  16. I met Tom in college when he called my roommate for a date and she was busy. I was the substitute—that was about 40 years ago.
  17. I helped found the shelter for abused women in our community.
  18. I am a pretty good public speaker—and I have done a lot of it.
  19. I like to use things in a different way than they were intended—bedspreads for tablecloths, old tin buckets for vases, a quilt as art on the wall, an old drawer as a shelf.
  20. I am not the most patient person; actually, I am rather impatient.
  21. I don’t have trouble expressing my opinion.
  22. I see the forest more easily than the trees.
  23. I enjoy lake activities more than beach activities, but the beach does have better sunsets.
  24. My theology was shaped in part by Rabbi Kushner’s book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People.
  25. I am Republican about fiscal issues and a Democrat about social issues. I live with a banker.
  26. I married at 21---and it took.
  27. I love big cities—NY, Chicago, London.
  28. I don’t like long airplane trips.
  29. Les Miserables is my all-time favorite musical.
  30. The Internet is like having the world at my fingertips.
  31. I am good at telling stories (jokes), but my friend Leslie is better.
  32. I sleep on my tummy with a flat pillow under my head and my right foot uncovered.
  33. I like to cook, but I don’t like to bake.
  34. I’ve been to the Bike Rally in Sturgis.
  35. I don’t have a tattoo.
  36. I like to plan parties. Our last one was an engagement party, Pearls and Pork. We gave big pearls to the girls;we served barbecue;and the guests brought“pearls of wisdom”(advice and tips) for the Bride and Groom.
  37. I like to cook in front of guests, so my kitchen is designed to accommodate that.I give everyone a small task.
  38. I have chaired more committees and organizations than I can count.
  39. I love the world wide web.
  40. I can sew.
  41. I think blogs are a great way for people to practice their writing skills. Just think about it—otherwise, how often do people write these days?
  42. When I travel, I would rather mingle in out-of-the-way places with the natives rather than spend hours in line with other tourists to see an attraction. I figure I can see the attractions on line.
  43. I usually start conversations with, “Hi, My name is Kay. I don’t think I have met you”.
  44. I like to dress up grits. I have made grits with goat, smoked gouda, cheddar,boursin, and other cheeses. I have made grit cakes, grits truffles stuffed with shrimp and crabmeat, and grit casseroles.
  45. I like to try a new dish in a restaurant and attempt to replicate it at home.
  46. I belong to a supper club, 16 of us, that has been together for 18 years. We meet monthly at the club, except for exceptions like next month at our farm.
  47. I belong to another supper club that cooks—eight of us. We meet every other month and the host does it all. It’s my turn next. I think we’ll have quail and grits—dressed up, of course--- at the farm.
  48. I vote.
  49. I need to exercise more and eat less. Just looking at that treadmill doesn’t work.
  50. I love that my children are such wonderful adults and incredible parents.
  51. I’ve learned a lot about Brazil because our son-in-law is Brazilian.
  52. I managed a major gifts campaign that brought in $4.4 million---and lots of friends--- for the College.
  53. I like to read the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal.
  54. I’m learning more about recycling, repurposing, and reusing.
  55. I like sunlight, but I don’t stay in the sun.
  56. I really don’t care about cars except as a way to get from A to B. What kind do I have? A white one.
  57. Jet lag kills me.
  58. Over the years we have hosted several international citizens in our home. One of our young Asian guests, a fashion designer, said, “You Americans wear too much fuschia.” So I try not to wear fuschia.
  59. I buy online when possible—no parking, no lines, no weather, no tax.
  60. When we visit our farm, I pick up trash on the road in front of it—cigarette packs,beer cans and bottles, fast food packaging. I can’t believe people just throw garbage out the window. But they do.
  61. I love porches and rocking chairs and swings.
  62. I enjoyed my children’s weddings, but I don’t want any more.
  63. I love beautiful prose.
  64. I don’t want one of those digital photo frames. What good is it? Your screen saver can do the same thing.
  65. I wish I knew more about photo editing.
  66. I can’t stand having molds—like for a crown--- made in the dentist office. Have to have some drugs. My children, who had braces, have no sympathy.
  67. I’ve had one Valium in my life—see # 66.
  68. I’ve been on some great Harley trips. We trailer the bikes to the destination and ride when we get there. We usually have to take one car—-just can’t get pearls and other gear in those saddle bags.
  69. I love watching Tom play with our grandsons.
  70. I used to watch Law and Order reruns—until I discovered blogging and bloggers.
  71. I like old movies—did you ever see All This and Heaven Too with Betty Davis and Charles Boyer?
  72. I had several great high school teachers.
  73. I like the bathroom tissue to roll off the top.
  74. I squeeze the toothpaste anywhere I want to.
  75. I am right-handed and mostly left-brained—but I am working on that.
  76. I don’t like to chew gum.
  77. I really like happy hour. My favorite cocktail napkin says “It’s always five o’clock somewhere.”
  78. I live in a football crazed state—and there are so many important things to think about and act upon.
  79. Among my favorite books is the Clan of the Cave Bear series.
  80. I’ve bought beautiful Waterford water goblets because they stay on the table and are less likely to break.I buy cheap wine glasses so guests feel comfortable. So what if they break.
  81. I don’t know why all caps is considered screaming in email.I would like to use it sometimes for emphasis but don’t.
  82. My cocktail of choice is Grey Goose and water with lemon, but I love to read about and buy single malt Scotch for Tom.
  83. I have no desire to ride my own Harley; I just love sitting behind Tom.
  84. I need at least one private (as opposed to corporate) social event every weekend. That’s how I fill back up.
  85. I am a terrible proofer. Thank goodness my assistant is a good one.
  86. I have never smoked a cigarette.
  87. I am a Leo—whatever that means.
  88. I like movies and plays that make me feel good. There’s enough poverty, squalor,dysfunction, broken relationships, and ignorance already. I don’t want to pay to see more of it.
  89. I just don’t like cats at all. We have outside dogs (setters) and I like them a lot—just not on me.
  90. I’ve never slept in an unmade bed---and I don’t plan to. Mornings, I make the bed,and Tom makes the coffee.
  91. The camera is not kind to me—or maybe I’m just not as cute as I think I am.
  92. I’ve never had a broken bone.
  93. I’ve had massages and pedicures and manicures,and they are okay,but I generally don’t choose to spend my time that way.
  94. I enjoy collecting and wearing vintage rhinestone jewelry.
  95. I am not much of an athlete—but I grew up before Title IX.
  96. I like to garden only in April and October.
  97. I try to water ski at least once each year.
  98. I love oysters.
  99. I am always on time—except for my purposeful “fashionably late” entrance at parties.
  100. I am thinking about recycling greeting cards—tearing off the cover and writing my own message on the back, then punching a hole in the corner and tying to a wine bottle or gift package. Cool idea, huh?
  101. I’m okay with public prayer if it is inclusive. When I pray in public, it is inclusive.

Well, that's my list. I think I could go for 200--but who would read it! I won't tag anyone just yet, but let me know if you try it.

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Tara said...

Wow! My friend Lindsey has a tag of only 6 items to list! I may try yours and see how far I get. I enjoyed reading your 100.