Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Need to Ride!!!

Whew! January was a busy month, and February looks to be the same. I have been super busy at the College with chairing a regional education committee, managing a big interior design project--with a professional designer, of course-- and preparing to fill a few personnel vacancies. We have a wonderful staff, so it's not that I am any busier than anyone else, but when I am also busy at home, I feel the load. At home, we've had lots of planning and preparation for two big events on back-to-back weekends. All fun stuff, but pressure nonetheless.

What I need is a ride on the Harley--to blow out the cobwebs, to feel the wind in my face, to smell Life--the new baled hay, the smoke from someone's fireplace; the spring weeds, the cow herds, and yes, even the occasional skunk. I love those smells. In the car (the Cage, we call it), we are separated from those smells, those reminders of the life cycle. We breeze down the road with the windows rolled up and the music playing, and we never even consider the miraculous events going on right outside. But on the bike---oh, on the bike--we are part of that Life. We can feel the wind; we see the setting sun; we smell the wild onion; we taste the moisture in the air; and we hear the lowing of the cattle.

The picture of Tom, made this past weekend, on the bike with Alexander--never fear, just posing for the picture--- reminded me of the freedom and the controlled wildness of a bike ride. Yes, yes, I do need one!

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