Friday, February 8, 2008

What I've Learned About Blogging

I've been blogging about two months. This has been quite an exercise, and I've learned a lot. First, I've learned some technical stuff--how to select the layout, how to get the effects I want in the text (I'm still working on that),how to add the slideshow, links, the site meter; how to change the poetry and the lists; how to leave comments on other blogs.

I've also learned that there is a whole, big, interesting blogging world out there---blogs on every imaginable topic. I saw one today devoted to Post-It art--those people who doodle at work on Post-It notes and share them on the blog. I've read blogs on food and cooking, travel, wine, limericks, memes (that's a new word I've learned--more on it later), and more. You go to one site, see their favorite sites, go to one of those, see another list.

I've learned, too, that blogging is a great way to practice writing skills. The blogs I have read are very well done. You might say that people who blog are probably pretty good writers or they wouldn't be interested in blogging. I guess that is so; however, practice never hurts, and it is refreshing to see that our language is alive and well and dynamic.

There are whole blogging communities built around a common interest--people who have never met and may not know each other's names but who share an interest and a unique perspective on that interest. There are lots of blogs like mine that developed to keep in touch with relatives and friends wherever they may be. There's my daughter-in-law over at The Roney Family who keeps us and others up-to-date on their lives. There's our friend over at Sitting on Top of the World whose blog was the first that I ever read, and I was hooked.

And then, I think there are those who start out as I have, with family photos and personal musings, and who, somewhere along the way, find a purpose or cause. Like my friend over at Gray Matters. She has embraced the movement to reduce, reuse, recycle, and I have learned so much from her. I now take my own shopping bags--there are some neat ones out there--more about that later, too, and I use some of those efficient light bulbs even though they aren't dimmable--someone needs to work on that---and I have joined Freecycle. I am more conscious of our consumption, and I am taking a few baby steps to reduce my personal impact on the environment.

I have not stumbled across any blogs that are offensive--though there may be some. On the contrary, I have found people to be honest, helpful, sharing, and courteous---and oh so smart. They know lots of stuff!

I blog at night. I find it relaxing, and I like to write. I can say whatever I want, or I can say nothing. I can whine, brag, gloat, preach, pray, lecture, explain, convince, joke, condemn, exalt, proselytize, or otherwise ruminate on any subject I choose---and no one has to listen. No one has to agree or disagree. It really is liberating.

Will I continue learning from other bloggers? Definitely. Will I continue blogging? I think so. Will I find a purpose or cause to embrace? Maybe.

It can't hurt me, and it sure beats Law and Order reruns!

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Gray Matters said...

Dear Kay - I'm so glad you are a blogger. I, too, am learning a lot from you and look forward to reading more. You are right, there is a big blogoshpere (another new word to add to your blog vocab) out there and a lot of interesting people to learn from. BTW, your Friday night dinner looks delicious!