Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend. Andrew came in on Friday to stay with us because Tara and Brooks were invoved in "potty training boot camp"---a three-day, intense, prescribed program to result in Brooks throwing out the diapers.

We went to the Club for dinner and had a wonderful time visiting with friends, and watching little children play on the putting green. I take my camera everywhere, and I noticed how beautiful the sky was.

On Saturday, Tom and Andrew headed out for work day at the Lake. They swapped out a refrigerator, washed the screen porch and windows, and tidied up in general on the outside. Mother and I went up for part of the day, and of course I had the trusty camera.

I went alone to a lovely engagement party for the son of some new friends because Tom didn't get home in time; then we joined some friends for dinner downtown at The Bistro,a little restaurant that makes you think you are in some large, sophisticated town.

Today was absolutely beautiful, so we got our buddies together for a bike ride. Though it was pretty it was very windy and cool. The leather felt good today.

So here we are, early on Sunday evening, settling in for another week, which promises to be a busy one.

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