Monday, March 24, 2008

No Time Like Family Time

We had a lovely Easter weekend. I hope everyone did! The weather was perfect for little children and their spring clothes and egg hunts and for big children and their activities.

The young Roneys joined us for the weekend, and we visited with the Castros in Tampa by video---more about that later. On Saturday, Tom and Andrew went shooting at a plantation in Georgia and had a big day---we have lots more birds in the freezer! Tara and Brooks spent the day with her mother, and I cooked. Mother joined us for dinner. Andrew had ordered another quail supper--fried quail, Alabama Truffles, biscuits and gravy. It's easy to be the hero with fried quail!

Then on Sunday morning, we visited with the Castros via the computer. Both they and we have cameras, so we sat here in front of our computer and camera and they sat in front of theirs, and we had a great visit. We can just about see that precious little Alexander growing. He got to see Great-Grandmother, Aunt Tara and Uncle Andrew, Cousin Brooks, and YaYa and Granddad, and we all got to see them. It wasn't quite as wonderful as having them here, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Then, later in the morning, off to the farm where John (Tara's dad) and Mott joined us for lunch. We hid some eggs for Brooks, and he did a great job finding them. He got the hang of it quickly, but the real fun of the afternoon was the kite. I found a neat kite that was a helicopter, and, after five adults struggled with it for a half hour---where's a good seven-year-old when you need one?--- we took it over in the big field where there were no trees, and we flew it for about an hour. Brooks enjoyed the kite and the freshly plowed field. Enjoy ours pics--some from Tampa and some from the farm!

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