Thursday, March 20, 2008

TT #1 Things I Love About My Work

This is my first time to join in on the Thursday Thirteen meme. Click on the title for a link to Thursday Thirteen. I am an administrator at a community college. Here's what I love about my work:
1. My division--the non credit side--is the most dynamic at the college. Something is changing every day.
2. My co-workers are dedicated, enthusiastic, pleasant,and committed to our mission to develop a well trained workforce for our region.
3. My work is three miles from my house.
4. On most days, I arrive first. I like a few minutes of quiet time.
5. I managed a $4.3 million major gifts campaign--the first in the College's history.
6. I have worked at the same college for 24 years, and it is more exciting today than it was in the beginning.
7. It is exciting to work with business and industry and to develop courses and programs to meet their needs.
8. We get off at 2:00 on Fridays.
9. We have a female president who is doing a great job!
10. I think the community college story is a great one.
11. I like to tell people about our mission to provide academics,adult education,and workforce development.
12. I can retire anytime I want to.
13. I don't want to yet.


Karen said...

You are very fortunate. It is nice to read a positive TT.

Nicholas said...

Very nice list. It's refreshing to find someone who enjoys their job. Welcome to TT.

Ashley Ladd said...

Sounds like a great job. Are you hiring? :)