Friday, June 27, 2008

Lucy's Back!

Lucy was my mother-in-law, and she was wonderful! She died in 1998. The family called her Mama Lucy. She was a traditional grandmother--her arms were always open; her lap was soft and snuggley; she told great stories; she just couldn't say no; and she would do whatever the children wanted. Coke for dinner, no problem; stay up past bedtime, no problem; sleep with her, no problem. She played games when she was so sleepy she could hardly stay awake, and she cooked big meals no matter what. Our children still talk about the good times they had with her.

Andrew and Brooks are here for the weekend, and I can tell you that Lucy's back---only she looks like Granddad! There were just the four of us here last evening. Brooks, at 28 months, is very comfortable with YaYa and Granddad, so he had himself a big time. The boys first went to the train yard for Brooks to see the big trains; then they marched around the house with flags--Brooks loves to march! Then, he and Grandad played with the tractors--they filled the tractors with gas,they plowed the fields, pumped up the tires, and planted corn, butter beans, and sunflowers---all imaginative of course. Then there was jumping on the bed while singing Five Little Monkeys with Granddad ready to catch him! I didn't hear "No" one single time. Yes, Lucy is back!

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