Monday, June 16, 2008

The Weekend

I love weekends,and the best ones---for me---are the really busy ones. This was one of those. We spent time with Son; enjoyed adult dinner; spent day at farm with projects; examined our crops--sunflowers, figs, and grain sorghum; enjoyed Father's Day with Son's family, Mother, and call from Elizabeth; ended with dinner party at the farm. Who needs rest!


Susan said...

Yours was "my kind" of weekend !! Figs look good, hope you are getting the rain you need to keep them going ! I check your blog regularly--it makes me smile, it makes me think,and it keeps me inspired susan

Tara said...


I have tried to respond to your emails twice today but something is wrong with our email. Brooks has enjoyed his first two days at his new school. He asked where Holt was this morning, and that was sad. But his teachers told me this afternoon that Holt should be starting their school in two weeks. I'll confirm it with the director tomorrow and see if they can be in the same class. She knows how close they are so maybe it will work out. :)
And about the post I deleted. I thought I might be jumping the gun writing about what a good experience it was after only one day so I thought I would save that post until next week! Especially after we had a sad morning. But he did fine all day!