Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What do Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and Wine Have in Common?

Well, I'll tell you in a minute. but first--hear about MY NUMBERS! Blood pressure--great; all the cholesterols--great; bones, good.

One bit of interesting info from the doc. He prescribed heavy doses of Vitamin D twice a month. He says new studies are out which show that D, along with calcium, is important in warding off osteoporosis and that it has shown some promise in fighting cancers and autoimmune diseases. He says that we used to get plenty of D from sun exposure, but since many of us have curtailed that, we do not get enough. Plus, he says, the recommended daily dosage of 400 units is nowhere near enough. He said that in three to five years he would expect that most people would be on Vitamin D because the data show it is effective.

I checked my multi-vitamin--it has 500 units. My prescription is for 50,000 units twice each month. I've done a little research, and it can't hurt. Wouldn't it be wonderful if lil' ole Vitamin D is a cheap miracle.

Another cheap miracle, IMHO, is fish oil. We've been taking statins as a high cholesterol preventive for several years; however, we added fish oil two years ago, and our LDLs,HDLs, and TGs have improved as much as 30%---amazing. I asked the doc if we could discontinue the statins and try the fish oil only. Nope, he said; doesn't work that way.

The real question is--how much benefit does the red wine provide? I bet lots!

Anyway, definitely a cause for celebration!


Hootin' Anni said...

I just had my cholesterol blood screen this past week. And with my new vegetarian-like diet, I'm way below the 'high range'. Yay me.

AND YAY!!! for you too. It's a blessing to be in good health, and from what I'm reading...YOU DO GOOD!!!

I just added your blog link to the Bloggers Over 50! Welcome. Hope you can find some lasting frienships through the members our 'age'! And welcome!! [also, you may have to refresh your browser to see your link!]

Norma said...

I got that same message about Vit. D. Apparently they're getting the word out to mature ladies who want to save their bones AND their skin.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.