Monday, May 5, 2008

Big Children and Little Children

Family time is good time--and we had plenty of good times over the weekend. Elizabeth and Alexander flew in late on Thursday (Papai stayed in Tampa, but we missed him), and the Columbus children, Andrew, Tara, and Brooks, came in late on Friday.

We had several years, before grandchildren, to enjoy our adult children and their spouses, and we always valued our meals together. We tried to make an event out of our evenings---a new recipe, a new wine find, or what we called an interactive dinner where we mixed up the couples and each prepared a dish. Well, those days are over for a while. On Friday night we cooked on the grill, and we opened some good wine, and we ate in shifts. That's about all I remember.

But it was fun to watch the little boys, Brooks and Alexander, learn their way around each other. We saw a little cousin rivalry, but they soon learned to co-exist. Brooks, the elder at 26 months, is learning about sharing, and Alexander, the younger at 15 months, is prone to hairpulling in his enthusiasm. They are two smart little boys; they just approach the world very differently. Brooks, the cautious one, wants to size up everyone and everything, and he seems to love learning. He knows all the colors, most of the alphabet, and he can count to twelve. He is adding new words to his vocabulary every day. Alexander, the fearless one, travels at warp speed and is very verbal; we just don't know what he's saying most of the time. He can approximate mama; he points to a fish and says "peixe" (like pesh, which is fish in Portuguese), and he knows animal sounds for tiger, cow, and dog. I think he said YaYa, but I couldn't convince the others of that. They are so precious.

They both love books, dogs, and being outside, so we spent a lot of time doing those things. We took rides on the stroller and tricycle; we visited the neighborhood park, and we spent one day at the farm. Did I say how precious they are?

Alexander's mother, with another one on the way, isn't feeling too perky these days, but thank goodness, the rest of us were in fair shape. Otherwise, we could never have kept up with the little boys. Whew! But, you know what? They are precious!

A slideshow from the weekend:

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Susan said...

Kay--I am so impressed with the slide show !! The boys are very precious, in fact, I will say it twice (once for each of them) they are precious..Are you YaYa ? I also loved the thirteen things about wine, I finished a glass as I read it and now I think I'll get another !