Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cleaned Out Your Freezers Lately?

I don't know what got into us! I guess it was the oppressive heat--almost 95 today and it's still May. Anyway, this morning we decided to clean out the refrigerator freezer. I won't even tell you what all we found in there. Suffice it to say, we threw away a lot; then we wiped it down good and got it all put back together. Bad job done! Then...TFR says let's clean out the big freezer outside. Same deal--we threw away a lot. Anyway, we have nice clean freezers on the inside, and TFR even cleaned the door on the big one. We even have a little shelf space now.

Well, I guess that got me in the mood, so I began cleaning out drawers, and this afternoon, while he was at the farm "tinkering", I cleaned out drawers in the bathroom---out of date stuff, hairbrushes, makeup, hairspray, toothpaste---and on and on. Three more small garbage bags full to throw away. Feels good!

Back to the freezers; I found stuff I didn't know I had. So tomorrow for lunch, I'll cook a pork loin stuffed with with cornbread, figs, onion, and celery and little white peas. We'll see how that turns out.

So for all that work, I feel like we accomplished something---and I have Sunday lunch planned!

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