Monday, May 26, 2008

Family, Flag, Friends, Fun, and Fresh Water

What a fun weekend! We kicked it off at the lake on Friday afternoon. The young Roneys arrived shortly after we did, and we headed straight for the boat. The goal this weekend was to acclimate the ever-cautious Mr. Brooks to riding the boat. After thirty minutes or so, he was comfortable enough to help Granddaddy drive. More boating on Saturday, then happy hour on the deck with lake neighbors, followed by fajitas for dinner---Tara's choice.

Sunday brought more boating, a quick lunch, then clean up. The young Roneys headed back to Columbus, and we headed across the river to Georgia for an evening with friends. What an evening it was! Appropriate beverages, good cheeses, and conversation to start; then an incredible meal of local ingredients---cold Vidalia onion soup; salad of watermelon, feta cheese, and mint; then penne with local sausage, green peas, and sun dried tomatoes and a side serving of fresh tomatoes with mozzarella cheese; then a delectable strawberry dish for dessert. WOW!

If you add to that a few bottles of wine, six intelligent, opinionated people, and political discussion, you can imagine the fun. It was one of those magical evenings!

Our weekend ended tonight, back at home, with a group of friends at the country club's Memorial Day Barbecue!

Our Tampa children weren't with us, but they had their own celebrations, and they sent a couple of pictures.

Too many good photos, so here's the slide show:

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