Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Circle of Life

This Mother's Day weekend has been a busy one, and it has indicated to me that, indeed, Life and Time roll on. We began the weekend by taking friends to dinner at a new restaurant slightly out of town. We enjoyed our time together talking about our grandsons--they have three; we have two---our travel plans, our work, and our many good times together. On Saturday, we attended an 80th birthday party for a cousin. We saw and visited with four generations of some families. The party was held outside on the pristine site of another cousin's preserved log cabin and, though the heat and gnats were bothersome, the party spirit was evident. It is hard to believe that ELF is 80 years old, but time marches on.

Our children and the little boys were here last weekend, so their sweet cards were all we had of them this weekend. Elizabeth, our precious and beautiful daughter, who is herself the mother of one and expecting another, sent a card which read, "Mom, who would have ever imagined the day when I'd be the one all stressed out, raising a family and you'd be the one out playing and enjoying life." And my daughter-in-law, in her blog, titled a picture of Brooks and Alexander as "the next generation". Time marches on.

While our children weren't here today, my mother was. We picked her up from the Terrace, and I cooked some of her favorites for lunch--cubed steak, creamed corn, pear salad, and apple pie. She was not doing well; she just couldn't walk. Mother is 85, frail, and challenged by Parkinson's. Time marches on. We can't change that; we wouldn't want to. We just need to enjoy every minute.

We had dinner out tonight with other friends. We talked about travel and remodeling and family. They don't have children, but they have close cousins and nieces and nephews, and they are the most loving people, so we had a delightful evening.

Our weekend was diverse---dinner with friends, family birthday party, and cards and phone calls from our children. It was a lovely weekend.

My favorite gift on Mother's Day is always the same---it is simply knowing that my children are happy and healthy (and employed with health insurance)!

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Madge said...

knowing everyone is safe is the best feeling of all.